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Why Adaptogens?

The Natural Way to Build Resilience to Stress

Adaptogens are a specific classification of botanicals that are known around the globe for their ability to create physiological resistence to stress (or resilience). These herbs help modulate the body's fight-or-flight response instead of up-regulating like caffeine or down-regulating like alcohol or hemp.

This unique group of plants, herbs, and medicinal mushrooms has been shown to have a number of positive impacts on the body's immune system, sleep cycle, lymphatic system, and more.†

From the people
From the people
"[Restore] is an excellent product. It has been a blessing through a stressful time of caring for my elderly parents... I take just two a day and it works perfectly.."
— Alyson S.
From the people
I love it! I’m a first responder and nurse – I’ve been take Revvl products for over a year and was able to dump prescription sleep meds and return to a natural sleep... I can’t say enough about this brand.
— Nicholas F.
From the people
Since I started taking Restore on a daily basis, my panic attacks have decreased in frequency and severity dramatically. I feel like I can handle every day stress much easier and I can’t imagine my life without it now.
— Diana G.
From the people
After taking Restore for a little over a month, I'm finally able to talk about my trauma... one of my friends even said, "Dude, you're so calm about it – it sounds like you're reading it off a menu!
— Michael M.
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